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Had a 1987 Turbo Coupe 20 years ago and now I have another one. It is a 1986 5 speed in need of some help. Car is in nice shape but it had been sitting for some time and pack rats got to some of the wiring. What I need areĀ some under hood pics behind the intake. All the wires in that area got chewed up. I can match up some of the wires but it appears to me that a connection is missing. My friend that I sold my 1987 turbo coupe to came by and the two carsĀ are completely different under hood. If anybody has any suggestions I would appreciate that. My daily driver is a 2015 turbo 2.3 6 speed mustang that I love. Also have a restored 1968 XR7 cougar and a 1986 Ford Bronco. I live in the desert southwest near Tucson. I'm going to connect the wires that I know connect to each other and see if I have any spark.
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Hi CG, welcome!

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