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New to me 87 TC
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I've been without a keeper bird for a while, but I brought home another this past weekend. It's an 87 TC. Has about 176k on the rust free body. The front header panel needs to be replaced. The paint has the obvious clear coat failure on top, but the rest of the paint looks somewhat decent overall. The motor has far fewer miles and I have all the parts in the same color to fix the damage, including the tail light lenses. It came with an extra one. It also came with a literal pick up bed full of other parts, most of which I haven't even had the time to inspect to see all the goodies, but it does include an extra motor, rear, and T5 trans, all out of another TC. I bought from a local gentleman whom I had sold quite a few parts to over the years, some of which I got back in the deal. He was so kind that he called me before trying to even list it. He has owned the car since 2000 but lost interest in it after the accident that damaged the header panel, and the fact that he bought himself a brand new white Ecoboost Mustang that only had 176 miles on it when I sat in the car. This car has quite a few mods that I am still not quite sure of the extent. I need to talk to him some more about them later. I was in the middle of a flu bought when I picked the car up Saturday. I know it has a full 3 in. exhaust, manual boost controller, 60 mm throttle body, custom roller cam, some porting on the intakes, but not sure of the rest. I drove it last weekend for about 30 minutes with the boost cranked all the way back and it ran great even with minimal boost. Haven't even tried to crank up the boost yet, but pretty excited to explore that, but not gonna go any higher than about 18-20. Interior is the standard raven cloth and it's all there and in good shape with the usual fade to blue on the darker parts. All in all, I am very pleased with it. It won't take much to get it looking really good. Even has new tires!

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Congratulations. Looks like a nice project car.
Pete Dunham


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Yup, looks like a great project car!
Jeff Korn

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If you go over to TurboFord and talk to Paul (the guy who owns the site), he may have a header panel (as he has two 87-88 TurboCoupes in his 'salvage' pool).

The car looks very savable, and would be well worth it if the mods are already there.
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