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New project- Ultimate Daily Driver TC
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OK, this is going to be fun! My 88 moonroof bird is nice and I want it to be a show car one day, but until then, I'M DRIVING! I've already got a long, drawn-out "race car" project, and stock is well, stock. So I decided to for the ultimate bolt-on daily driver. These are the requirements:

Stick with IHI turbo and factory intercooler
Maintain excellent drivability/reliability
Maintain 25 MPG
Upgrade all equally
Be comfortable for everyday cruising!

So here is my planned arsenal to complement the fully loaded 88 LA3 TC-

cold-air intake with cone filter
dual 2.5" mandrel-bent exhaust
Gillis valve @18 psi
DEI turbo bag (Best upgrade for stock TC's!)
255 lph pump and AFPR
roller cam (possibly Racer Walsh Stage 1)
ported intakes and E-6
"laptop" tuning
progressive rate 1.5" drop springs
Koni shocks
bumpsteer kit
all Polyurethane bushings
boxed upper rear control arms
Panhard bar
frame connectors (I'm having some made if anyone is interested)
"Green" pads

Plus the visual/comfort mods such as the stereo and gauges, etc. So what do you guys think? Almost 300 BHP, good cornering/stopping, dead reliable, and fun. Now let's see if I can stick with the plan...

Michael Pinto

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I see that we are both working the same angle.

My 1988 5-Speed car is going to get almost the exact same treatment to become a more powerfull and reliable daily driver.

My 1988 Automatic W/Sunroof and Leather is going to become a 5-Speed and eventually a 5.0L HO.

I have been out in the garage this evening trying to finish up the teardown on my 2.3L Spare engine. This way ,I can have a motor built to my Specs and desire...yet retain driveable cars until the exact moment that the swaps begin.

Good Luck....and we'll see ya on the road.

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I'm new here, but from what I've read it wont be 300 hp. Closer to 240 - 250. Also sticking with the IHI your max boost is 17.5, and that is working the impellers pretty hard.
Sorry if I'm wrong, or if I burst your bubble.
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You can see what I am running below and I love it as a daily driver, and I still get 27/28 mpg highway cruising at 79-80. Get 22-24 city. (And I am not afraid to get into the boost!!!).

I have the RW SVO #1 roller. Go with the big/cheater SS valves, and make sure you unshroud the valves. Also get the adjustable cam pully and degree the cam in as per their recommended specs. I didn't see head porting on your list. Do it. As a side note, the SVO #1 seems to run a little low on vacuum at idle (14-ish), but comes up to correct numbers at another 150-200 rpm.

Polyurethane bushings throughout make a huge difference, even with the original springs and relatively new PRC struts/shocks.

88 Silver T/C, original owner, 254,000 miles
Loaded except leather & auto trans
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Polyurethane bushings throughout, Goodyear GT-HR 235/55R16's
Former owner of 88 Silver T/C, loaded (except leather & A/T), original owner, 294,815 miles!!!
K&N, Gillis(18 psi), SVO roller #1, big SS valves, ported intake, head, & exhaust.
Short block & turbo original/untouched, spec-II/III clutch combo.
Polyurethane bushings throughout, Goodyear GT-HR 235/55R16

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I would add the following to your list :

Brake Upgrades - Get LSC Mark 7 LSC calipers. They have a bigger piston (73mm), mount just like the stock TC calipers, and make stopping even quicker. I would also ask Joecool on the board for a set of SS braided Brake lines. I think for all 5 they run around $150. I did all that with the Greenstuff pads & BOY WHAT A DIFFERENCE ! [Image: biggrin.gif]

Exhaust - Get a 3 inch downpipe & if you need a cat, I recomend the Eastern Hi-Flow. They have 300 holes per inch vs all the others wich are 400. You can pick them up for arond $100 on ebay. I went with the Magnaflow SS dual exhast for a Mustang GT. Fit great, you just have to extend the tailpipes. Lifetime Guarentee, Quiet for a daily driver, & All polished . [Image: eek.gif]

Suspenion - Instead of all Polyurethane bushings, I would go with the PST Polygraphite ones. You will never have to worry about them sweeking or creaking while making a hard turn at 90 mph. [Image: tongue.gif]

Cooling system - I would definately reccommend upgrading to a 3 row radiator. It's worth its weight in gold to keep the engine as cool as possible. Also add a bottle of Water Wetter, which will keep the temps down an additional 10 to 15 degrees. [Image: cool.gif]

Engine Compartment - Do exactly what PeteJC says to do about porting, but don't gut your upper intake. According to the Hi-Po Turbo Gods, you will loose alot of low to midrange torque, which is where the IHI shines... and while your in there, polish or chrome the hell out of the intakes, valve cover, whatever you can find. [Image: tongue.gif]

Good Luck [Image: cool.gif] [Image: cool.gif]

Tony Sceia
Red 88 TC, Med Red with Raven Leather & every option, Walbro 255, 3" SS Downpipe with Magnaflow Dual SS 2.5 Cat Back system, 3-core Radiator, Star Stage 3 Clutch, Rebuilt T-5 Tranny, 4:10 rear, 140 MPH Speedo, New Paint, Headlights, Refinished Snowflakes & New Tires.

She looks so SWEET. Now I need to make some more HP & make the engine look good.
Tony Sceia -

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