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I am the original owner of an 88TC, and waxing, time, and the Florida elements have finally done in my paint. I am going to get it painted within the next 2-3 weeks, and I have some questions: 1) should all of the trim be removed, 2) the lower portion of the body has the clear spray-on chip protector applied, should this be removed, 3)the rear window molding has lifted in several locations, so should I have the rear window removed to make sure that the new paint is under the molding? If so, is the new molding still available?

Thanks for any and all advise or suggestions.

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It takes a little more time, but the trim should all be removed and refinished, it makes a more professional job. It's also a little more expensive. Being the original owner, I know that you can appreciate having the car brought back to near show room condition.
I have no idea where you might find a new molding for the rear windshield, but people said that about quarter windows and we found a few that had been hidden in old inventory.

As for the chip protector, they redid mine after they refinished the car.

Hope your car turns out the way you want to see it.
Dan S
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Rear window has to come out to put in a new moulding. I did the same thing when I got mine painted.
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Thanks for the info. How is the side molding and the "Bird" insignias removed? How much should I remove, the front and real light assemblies, the front and rear bumper covers? Also, does the front & rear covers and the side molding get painted or restored some other way? If so, how?


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What source is used to restore the side moldings?

Also on the back molding, I have never been able to definitively determine if it is possible to retrofit a later model 88 with rubber molding back to the 87/early model 88 metal trim.
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Those side molding if not taken off right will be shot , if not done right, most of the time a good painter can work around the molding and save you lots of pain, if the molding are taken off in the wrong way . leave them on . The lights all around the car are so easy to remove , the bird on the upper side of the car has speed nuts and you will have to take off the rear back seat area , plastic panel off to get to them , that also is not a big deal to do ., try to find new if you can , cant find them I do have a new set if needed . The rear back window molding , pends on witch type you have , is it 1 piece or does if have 5 parts that make up the molding around the window ?? These are easy cars to work on, The chip guard is no biggie , with or without , pends on what you want . its very hard to try to match that oem type chip guard , I dont think i would want it back on , Im in the middle of my resto on my 88 and it will not have the guard put back on , find a good shop to do the work , base -clear paint will be around 3-5 grand , you get what you pay for , dont go cheap , will be cheaper if you take the car apart yourself to . good luck on the job . D.Wilder [email protected]

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My rear window molding is a 1-piece design. The molding itself is actually good, but probably due to the Florida sun, it appears to have expanded and is lifted away from the body in 2 places. If I can't find a new one, I will probably cut the molding and then apply adhesive when I reinstall it. The original "birds" are just like new, but if I somehow mess them up when I remove them, I will contact you. As I said, I have owned the car for 20 years and I am anxious to see it as it was.Another question, have you replaced the dash? If so, with what and how did it go?

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Prepare for a migraine if you want to take the dash out, I have done it 3 times now the first time is very difficult there are a ton of hidden screws and bolts if you can afford it pay some one to do it and you may as well replace the heater core trust me on that one 2 days after I got the dash back in yep you guessed it coolant in the passenger side floor board. I got smart when I put it back in the first time I only put the 2 bolts under the dash and the 2 long screws under the speaker grills up top back in it holds up solid. If you do deicide to DIY have some masking tape and a black sharpie handy for the wires under the dash just MAKE SURE after you unplug it to label it and get it out of the way of the dash so you don’t gouge or Frey any wires when pulling it out, also be very careful when removing the instrument cluster trim and the trim for the radio they will break very easily, also when you take the cluster out have the tape right there to label everything and do not forget to tag and bag all the screws and ect you will mix them all up just use a zip lock bag and the sharpie to label everything individually. Make sure you have plenty of time to spend on it and it makes things easier if you have help doing it you will need 2 when it comes time to lift the dash out there kind of flimsy in the middle so one on one side and one on the other will do it and also take the rear view mirror down it makes it a little easier to maneuver the dash out. I can send you some pic of what you will be facing so that might help you out just let me know.

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Turbotbird, yes, I would appreciate any pics and advise on replacing the dash. This will also give me the opportunity to change the heater core, as it has been bypassed for 2 years. If you want, just pm the pictures.


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heater core.
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