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New Motor & Cam Question
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OK...MOTOR IS DONE!!! Should be done middle of this week or so(i'm busy with work and school n stuff) but heres the new bird "resume" i promised now that everything is finalized. Some other changes in addition to the motor (example: the new rear springs to take the back down a bit since it was riding a bit higher than the front and the caster camber plates). Install pics to follow when theres something cool to show. Since we bitch when the cars break we get to brag when they get fixed right?

.030 Over Long block
Keith Black Forged Pistons & Connecting Rods
Total Seal Rings
Ford Motorsport valve springs and valves
Gutted Upper Intake Manifold
Ported Lower Intake Manifold
Ported Exhaust Manifold
Mildly ported/polished Cylinder Head
Wastegate Vacuum bleed valve set to 18 PSI
Essential Turbo Systems Degreed Cam Pulley
Essential Turbo Systems timing belt tensioner
Unorthodox Racing Ultra Street Billet Pulleys
K&N Filtercharger Cone in Fenderwell
High-Flow monoblock catalytic converter
Essential Turbo Systems 3” Downpipe
Dual 2.5” Dynomax Superturbo Mufflers
Custom 3 Core Radiator with stock cooling fans
Ford Motorsport Clutch & Pressure Plate
Esslinger Engineering Aluminum Flywheel
NEW Ford Motorsport Distributor & TFI
NOS IHI Turbo w/ Teflon Coated Impeller

4 Piston Caliper/Gas slotted & Vented Brembo Evolution Rotors (F)
Stock Caliper/Vented Brembo Evolution Rotors ®
Front Calipers cooled via ducting from front fascia
All Brembo Street Carbon/Kevlar Pads
Brembo SHO Evolution Master Cylinder
Stainless Steel Brake Lines

HPM Rear Lower control arm relocation kit
Griggs Racing Tubular Front A-Arm kit
Griggs Racing Tubular K-Member
Eibach Pro-Kit Variable Rate Springs (F)
Ford Motorsport 2300C C-Rate Springs ®
KYB AGX Adjustable Struts (F)
Griggs Racing Adjustable Caster Camber Plates
Tokico Shocks and Quads ®
Full Kenny Brown Subframe
PST Polygraphite Sway bar + End link Bushings
Lincoln LSC Sway Bar (F), Stock ®
Dayton Daytona 225/50ZR16
Stock Alloy 16 inch “snowflakes”

Head Unit: Clarion Pro Audio 8575Z
Mid/High: Clarion Pro Audio APA4400G
-100Wx4 Channels, 4 Ohm RMS Powering:
(2) Infinity 60.2CS (F)
-6.5” Component Mid
-1” Component Tweeter
(2) Pioneer Premier F6972 ®
4-Way Coaxial 6x9”
Subwoofer: Clarion Pro Audio APA1200
-600Wx1 Channel, 1 Ohm RMS Powering
(2) Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1
DSP: Clarion Pro Audio 7500Z + Parametric EQ
-All Monster Cable Wiring, Interconnects & Distribution, 2-Layer Dynamat Covering Entire Interior of Vehicle & Trunk.

What kinda cam would be most beneficial with this setup and where can I find one? I saw a few online a while back but can't remember where.

Thanks y'all!
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Good grief man! That is a hellacious setup you've got there! For all that work I'm surprised you didn't go with the T3 setup. I do miss the quick spool up of the IHI though. Anyway, I've heard a lot of people are going to the Adjustable degree cam pulleys. This may allow you to fine tune all that extra juice you've got. Check Esslinger or Racer Walsh for a good one. Also, Pete D. might have some good tips on that kind of setup. Good Luck, Les.

Les T.
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Les T.
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I went with a motorsport roller cam kit, its a upgrade for the svo`s along with a adjustable camshaft timing gear from Tiny Avenger. Was originally going to order everything from Racer Walsh, but customer service is piss poor. After dealing with Racer Walsh for about 6 weeks for parts that were "in stock" when i placed the order, I got a catalog from Tiny Avenger. Cant praise the owner Dave enough, very friendly and knowledgeable about the cars. Not pushy, gives you a honest opinion of what works, what doesnt.

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Heck if you are going to stick with the IHI I would just get a late model ranger cam. It will work well with the IHI. plus they make good power with an adjustable cam pulley.
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