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New member from NYC!
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Hey everybody!

I've been posting and have been using this forum as a main resource as i change parts etc. thought i would give a proper introduction. Bought this car about 7-8 months ago from a guy Barry in PA who i believe that was actually a member here and used to religiously go to Ford Nationals.

Car is in really good shape but had its problems. I'm more money into this car than i'd like to be but i love how unique it is, it's also very easy to work on which is nice. I've done all maintenance (tfi,PiP,etc.) and just had the transmission rebuilt (input shaft bearings was toast). Now it's time to enjoy it.

I also updated the suspension to mustang stuff, caster camber plates, lowering springs all around, maximum motor sports rear upper and lower control arms. Really loving the way it sits with my new wheels

I will be driving from NYC to Cali and back in this car. Keep an eye out for me on the road!

Glad to be here.

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You car looks great! Welcome to NATO!
Jeff Korn

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Beautiful car! Enjoy your trip.
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Looks great!

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