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Hi everyone. I bought by second 83 TC about 2 years ago and then recently found this group. I had to join, so much great info here. I bought my first one new back in 83 when they first came out, red on red. Loved that car but had to sell it after a few years due to job and family. Always regretted selling it. I started looking again and found another red 83 a couple years ago. Turns out it was the Pace car for the Coca Cola 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway back in 83. The car was given to Tim Richmond for winning the pole position. He sold it a year or 2 later to the guy I bought it from. It was about 80% restored when I got it, and I have been working on finishing it up. Runs great with a rebuilt engine and 5 spd. Mostly needs some electrical work and a few interior items fixed. This site has been a lot of help. Looking forward to getting more info to help finish the car. Thanks.

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Welcome to NATO, William!
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Welcome to NATO , post some pics when you get a chance. The guys on this site know there stuff and are very helpful.

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