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New member, 2 TC's, one wrecked :-(
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Hello all, long time reader, first time poster. Glad this resource has been available, its helped me get my Blackbird running it tip-top shape!

Unfortunately, I'm just finally posting because my Blackbird was totaled 3 weeks ago (no one was seriously hurt) and wanted to see if you guys would be ok with me parting it out on here? I own a motorcycle forum myself and always get annoyed when we have a member join just to make a buck, so I figured I'd ask first. I'd like to help out the community to keep these cars alive and to be honest the extra money never hurts either, but I'm not looking to get rich.

Here's a little more info: My turbo coupe adventures started when I bought a fiberglass 1926/27 Ford roadster body. I've always wanted to replicate this car, but with a different drivetrain, .

So after a little research I decided an 87/88 turbo coupe would be a great donor vehicle. I couldn't find one initially, but I did manage to score an engine/transmission from a local pick-n-pull. Well not long after that I located a donor turbo coupe and bought it sight-unseen. It was greatly misrepresented and in terrible shape, but did run good so I decided to get it against my better judgement. It had been painted 3+ times terribly (last color was a metalic grey), had 296k miles, the interior was horrible and the trans was out. Anyway, I swapped in the spare junkyard transmission and drove was a BLAST!.....but looked like ass...I dubbed it the T-turd. :-P

I decided that I'd like to have another (nicer) one to drive around for fun while I was building the 26/27 roadster, so I found another (MUCH nicer) one 2 weeks later with the clutch out. Swapped in the clutch from my junkyard motor and I had 2 running/driving T-birds!...I dubbed the new car the Blackbird, due to its black exterior.

Anyway, it was time to partout the T-turd for the roadster last winter, so its been up on blocks for the past summer with all the good parts stored in my garage if I needed them for the Blackbird. Well just recently I was letting a friend borrow my Blackbird, and someone ran into him (no one was hurt!) and it totaled the car. :-(

I bought the car back so I'd have a spare drivetrain for the roadster, but I don't want to see the rest of the car and all the spare turbo coupe specific parts go to waste, so I thought some of you guys might be able to use some of the parts off it or the T-turd (although most are pretty well used up on that car).

Anyways, sorry to be joining like this, but if you'll allow me, I'd like to see the parts help out other turbo coupe owners. If its not OK, thanks again for the forum and for reading my story....I'm sure you'll heard about my turbo coupe powered roadster after I get it on the road. :-)

Oh and here are a bunch of random pictures of all of my turbo coupe cars/parts/pieces as well as some inspiration and parts and pieces for the roadster. As you can see, I liked the red/black patina on the Blackbird, so sorry for all the pictures of that, lol.

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That sucks that it got totaled! Love the roadster though!

The issue with you posting your stuff for sale is you need at least 17 posts in order to create a new topic in the "For Sale" section. This is a board requirement that cannot be turned on or off on a individual basis. I, personally, have no problem with you selling your stuff here, but you just have to get that post count up before the board software will allow it. Posting stuff for sale in the "Wanted" section is a big no-no as well, unless you are replying to someone's wanted ad.
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Yeah, I was pretty bummed when I got the call it was wrecked, but also glad no one was hurt. I am REALLY pumped to have the TC drivetrain in the roadster though!

Thanks for the heads up on the 17 posts. I'm in no hurry to part it out, so I can wait until I get 17+ posts and contribute to the rest of the forum until then. I'll also wait and let other members weigh in and if I don't get anyone that says to get off the board, I'll start a for/sale partout post eventually.

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Sorry about your bird, that sucks. They are great vehicles and I love mine to death.

As for your question, I say go for it whenever you are able.

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Thanks Joe F, yeah its easy to understand how someone would fall in love with them!

Ok, will do!

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Welcome to the site!

Love the roadster. We're building a '32 Highboy here in the shop right now.
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The roadster is great! I have seen a T-bucket with a T/C powertrain and it surprised me. I am so used to seeing them with a 350 and a blower, it was nice to see a Ford powered by a Ford!
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turbird77 Wrote:Welcome to the site!

Love the roadster. We're building a '32 Highboy here in the shop right now.

Right on! I love the 32's!

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zbird Wrote:The roadster is great! I have seen a T-bucket with a T/C powertrain and it surprised me. I am so used to seeing them with a 350 and a blower, it was nice to see a Ford powered by a Ford!

Yeah, there's a guy with a 32 truck running the T/C powertrain. I've only seen it at car shows, but its a neat little rig!

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