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New here, have some questions.
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I am currently looking to pickup an 84 TC, I have not gone to look at it yet and was wondering what I should be on the lookout for.
Things I know:
Not currently running, owner says this is to do with the fuel system but I’d like to know if there are any other common things to look for that I should be aware of.

Body rust, from the pictures there are a handful of rust spots, surface and penetrating, are there any other places that are important/harder to see that is Common to rust on these cars?

Interior looks clean, dash and seats seem intact, are there any common electronic/interior problems I should look for?

Thanks for any tips or advice you can give!

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Check the frame rails at the front wheel wells, especially on the passenger side, for serious rust. Can be repaired, but not easy or cheap to fix.

With a good battery in it, turn the key to RUN and listen for the fuel pump. It should run for a second or 2 and then shut off. If you dont hear the pump run, either pump is bad or wiring issue. Replacing the pump is pretty straightforward.

84 has a pretty simple electrical system compared to the 87-88 which have a very complex electrical system for a car from the late 80s.
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