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Hello my name is Anthony and I too am a Turbo coupe-aholic. I owned one back in 96 and now just recently bought 3 87 tc. Now I'm not the greatest mechanic but I try to do most my own work. After I get 2 of the 3 up and running I will be having tons of parts for sale to help out other TC-aholics with there addictions. I am a member of several forums mostly all mustang forums. I've had several stangs ranging from 91-04, supercharged to turbo'd. I would like to apologize in advance for some of the silly questions I'll be asking here in the near future. I'm sure most of them have been addressed so if I ask a question that's been answered just redirect me. And if anyone knows how to post pics from an iPhone or iPad please let me know. My CPU took a poop. Thanks again for having me and I am looking forward to chatting with you all!!

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Welcome to NATO!!
Jeff Korn

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Welcome aboard,Nato is a great place to learn and lots of great people here willing to help. JB

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Welcome to NATO. We like to think there is lots of good stuff here. Enjoy.
Pete Dunham


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Hi Anthony and welcome!

I would agree that there probably isn't much that hasn't been covered here before, it truly is a wealth of knowledge here. Just about everyone here is more than willing to help anyway than can!

I post photos from my phone using Photobucket. I upload the photos from my DroidX straight to Photobucket then copy and post a direct link here. It works really well!

p.s. A cable guy that was/is a marine could be very intimidating!!! lol Big Grin
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