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New help for the Race Track Forums
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I just wanted to announce that Travis (86XR7auto) is going to help out with the the NATO Race Track Forums. He is the guy that you send timeslips to and he will be keeping the 25 Fastest lists updated. He will probably create one or two new lists and be posting some other stuff in the next few weeks. Everything will be up and in place for next season. So let's please welcome Travis.
Pete Dunham


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Excellent news! Travis will be perfect for keeping the troops motivated Wink

I might have to put some fresh blood on the 5.0 TC list next year Big Grin

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Thank you Travis - that sounds great.
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Thanks Pete...just got back from deer hunting...missed. Sad

Like Pete mentioned...there will be a few changes..nothin the near future.

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I like it already. Thank you Travis, for taking on the project.
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