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New guy with a couple of questions
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Hi, I have 88 auto T-coupe and I'm almost done school right now and I have alot of time to work on the car and I have a couple of questions. First of all, I wanted to replace the shocks/struts, springs, bushings, etc. with new ones, however, kyb only makes the front shocks, and koni makes the rear shocks. Will this make much of a difference if I purchased the two different makes? Also, is there anyone in ontario with an extra set of eibach or suspension tech. springs. I'm also experiencing a what sounds like fluttering sound or miss when I step on the gas. I've changed the plugs and wires with the Ford Motorcraft wires, and I've pulled the codes and got 21 and 22. A buddy of mine said it might that the dp is not properly mounted to the exhaust manifold, I've had this fluttering for a while and I'm not quite sure what it is. Sorry about the long post,

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Was the engine warm or cold when you pulled the codes? Also how warm was the ambient air temperature. The code 21 could be different things depending on the answers to these questions.

Did you get the code 22 KOEO or KOER?
Pete Dunham


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Hello, Dan the man, from a fellow "Ontariarian". First of all, the downpipe gets bolted to the elbow coming off of the turbo, not the exhaust manifold. There are 2 studs there that can be easily tightened. Is this a miss you are getting or just how does the car respond? I imagine this happens at full throttle? Secondly, listen to Pete and he will help you through this, as will most guys on this site. And lastly, you are inbetween Burlington and Oakville, right? Ever get to Toronto much?

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The car was cold when the codes were pulled, and I believe it was 22 KOER, also the car idles without missing/fluttering, however, the rpm's jump to 2 grand when in park or neutral, it idles fine in drive. Waterdown's 5 minutes west of Burlington down Hwy 5 if your coming from Toronto.

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