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New guy, ‘88 turbo coupe
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Hello gents,

I wanted to introduce myself and my car.  I purchased this pretty decent bird about 8 months ago.  I purchased it from the second owner, in non running condition.  After a handful of repairs it has become my daily driver.  I never knew how many people liked these cars until I bought it on a whim, I get comments and compliments every single time I drive it.  It’s really cool!
Anyway, thanks for the wealth of knowledge and hopefully I’ll be able to contribute some as well.

[Image: 1-D38-BBB5-EDDF-43-A6-A659-DDE38-E59-B779.jpg]
[Image: C31-FE397-9380-424-C-82-CA-207-D3717-F901.jpg]
[Image: 706262-B0-BD8-F-4-F26-BCBD-B1-E8-DCAB2-C7-C.jpg]

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Some of the work that I’ve done so far includes new belts,tensioner, timing belt, rad fan motor and rewire, 3g alternator, fix the AC, fuel pump, floor mats, restore headlights.  I also recently fixed my PRC that was acting up.

[Image: 01571-C60-7-AE0-4122-824-D-F34-B508-A536-B.jpg]

[Image: F1-F126-E8-80-D2-4-A89-B76-A-9-C19159-E83-B0.jpg]

[Image: E043-EDB3-30-C1-49-B0-913-A-D734-BDBFA0-A0.jpg]

[Image: 04-D5-FC6-F-0-CB4-46-B7-9019-65-FB227902-E1.jpg]

[Image: F6-C7-FCDD-A534-4189-A19-E-EAC9-F4-D331-AB.jpg]

[Image: F19997-B8-86-DA-4-E79-97-F3-51-B35-F094985.jpg]
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Nice looking ride. For a non running car the condition looks awesome. The leather interior looks hardly used.
1988 T/C Silver with red interior, fully loaded except for leather. 5 lug conversion with 97 Cobra wheels, Cobra 13" brakes up front, Mustang brakes out back, Koni adjustable shocks and struts, NOS Koni lowering springs . Maximum Motorsports control arms and caster/camber plates, subframe connectors.
SOLD September 2020. Will miss this car after 19 years of building/driving/showing....time for a new chapter in my life.

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Yes these cars are awesome, On three different occasions I've been walking towards mine in a parking lot and saw a note on the windshield. After the initial panic that it's the other guys/gals insurance info because they hit it, I found that it was a note wanting first dibs if I ever wanted to sell it.
Enjoy the ride.
Chas K
Current setup - 88 T-bird, 5 speed, vacuum assist master cylinder, T3/T4 50 trim turbo from Bo-port, oil feed & return lines, 3” turbo down elbow, 3" to 2.5" dual exhaust and PiMPx from Stinger 255LPH fuel pump, CD, trip-minder, RR , K&N, 140 MPH speedo conversion (thanks Jeff K).

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Thanks, I’m enjoying it so far!

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Wow, that car looks great for a non-running purchase. Most of the stuff I find that isn't running is a total project. I LOVE the red interior in these cars but the car I picked up is blue. Glad to hear you're having fun with it.

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