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new car/problems
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hi, i bought another 87 tc and its having a few small problems and i was wondering if any one could help. the first is the car has no power and the and the turbo dosent spool up past 6 psi. i think that it might be the timing beacause it takes a long time to start when its cold. and runs cold most of the time. the perviose owner said he never touched the timing and that it ran great before he put it in storage in october. there was also exhaust coming from under the intercooler when i first looked at the car i thought there might have been an exhaust leak but the problem fixed itself and the car isent loud. while i was working on it i saw it diddent have the green and black plastic thing near the egr?.

The second problem is that the lights will only work whenm they are on ow beam. when i turn on the fog lighhts all lights shut off, same happens when highbeams are on. i read hear that running after market bulb could overload the circut and might cause them to shut off
1988 5speed black every option. 3inch single turbo to tail(stinger), manual boost control. k&n cone walbro fuel pump

1986 xr4ti project car..... way to many mods to list.

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low power: check the cam timing first (maybe replace the belt for sh..s and giggles) Then check the ignition timing. If that doesn't do it get back to us

Runs cold most of the time. Check/replace the thermostat. It may be stuck open.

Exhaust leak. It didn't fix itself. It will be back

EGR: ask a dealer to run the VIN to see if the emissions recal was ever done. They may still be able to do it if you want.

headlights: sounds like the breaker on the headlight switch is getting weak. You can put in a new switch and solve the problems for awhile, until the new breaker gets weak. Or you can wire the heads and the fogs on seperate relays to take the load off the switch. See article in the Technical Articles.
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