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WOW... I likey.
1988 Turbo Coupe331 AOD

1972 Comet GT

1969 Fairlane Cobra 428CJ 4-Speed

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Ditto. Love the new board.
1988 TC, blue on blue, all options but sunroof and leather, all stock, 209000 on the clock.

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Yeah, when I went to look for a response to my post I was blown away with the new colours. Nice touch.

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Much nicer on the eyes.. big thumbs up from me~

Kev Schofield
1989 Corvette

85, 2x86, 87 & 88
(former TC's)

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its going to take some getting used too for me.
'85 TC BPV and Ford FMIC
'88 TC Kirban AFPR, Autometer Boost, FP and A/R Gauge, 8.8 to 4.10 rear, Walboro 255lph Fuel pump, Garrett GT3071R T3/T4 Dual Ball bearing Turbo, Custom AWIC.

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Very nice indeed!!
Stinger dual3"exhaust from dp & cat to magnaflows w/2.5 outlets w/tailpipes.Homemade CAI w/boost at18psi.MM c/c plates and tubular lca/front coilovers with Koni red adjustables all around. Ported/BV head/A237 and bobslog w/a stinger fmic set-up waiting to go on.86 stang gt w/motor and T-5 from a 86 TC w/3"SS dualexhaust w/cc plates and lowered 1.5".With volvo ic installed.

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I thought I was at the wrong board for a second. Flashbacks of highschool when you'd get your periods mixed up and walk into the wrong class and everbody stops and stares.

Looks nice.
87 Black 5speed, 88 Black 5speed.

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Very nice. Big Grin

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Cool blue! I too thought it was the wrong board at first. This is great, colors are easy on the eyes and make it much easier to read. Great job! and THANKS MUCH
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90 Mustang LX 5.0L Notch

Cars I wish I still owned:
69 Coronet 440
70 Torino 351C
79 Bronco 351M/400 on 35's
79 Trans Am 403 (6.6L)
88 Cougar XR7 5.0L
93 F150 Flareside Mark III Custom 5.0L

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looked like i highlighted the whole board, ya know it it turns blue when you do that....oh well...tak some getting used to, but much more exiting than plain white!

APRIL 2018 - LOOKING FOR A NEW CAR. PM me if you have an 87-88 roller or cheap TF for sale.
1988 TC 5MT-Blue/Blue check-off car. resto-project.
2006 Honda Odyssey 5AT, baby-mobile.
2013 F-150, 5.0, 6AT, 4x4, snow white paint.

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