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New best-1/8th mile
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Made a few runs last night.
First run, I spun all the way thru the 60' and ran 7.17.
Second run, dropped tire pressure from 13psi to 12psi. The car hooked (1.51 60') but I got out of the groove and had to lift. Ran 7.27 on that one.
Third run, decided to use the 50 shot all the way.
Went 6.60 @ 104.8 with a 1.46 60'!
We had not been able to locate the camera so I did not get a vid of that pass. Found the camera on the back floorboard of the bird after that run, lol!
Fourth run, got a good launch (another 1.46 60') but the car got out of shape so I lifted. On the vid I see a little air under the front tire:
Fifth run car did pretty good. It was a little loose near the stripe but I stayed in it. Went 6.69 @ 103.3 with a 1.49 60'.
And video...not sure why he panned up to the sky at the end, lol..

The car desperately needs some suspension and chassis mods. It rolls over a lot when it launches. I know what I'm doing this winter, lol!
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Congrats Chris

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