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New 88 TC owner with some problems...can anyone help?
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Hello Evereyone,

As stated above im a new and proud owner and was looking to get some advice on what to do for my 1988 ford thunderbird turbo coupe 2.3L. This car only has 49,000 miles on it and everything currently the original stock parts.

Some problems that im having with the car that i would like to get some more clarifications on:
1. (This happends randomly) When i first start the car up to warm it up, it will stay on for about 5 min and then turn off, it will turn back on at first attempt afterwards, but this just brings up a red flag for me and i would like to fix it.

2. The car will randomly rev up to 2,000 RMP without touching the gas.

Can anyone pin point the problem and and offer a selution?

Thank you

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Generally, it's a good idea with a "new TC" to do a tuneup with the right parts. This is also a good idea when diagnosing engine problems on an unknown (new) car.

Wires (this engine is real finicky about wires. Very few brands work right)

Gap plugs around 0.32" for starters.

Any good cap and rotor will work.
Clean the IAC. This is good regular maintenance.It might be part of the irratic idle issue. This article will show you what and where it is. Use this article to check the TPS since it could also be the cause in the idle problem.

Also you need to pull the codes. This must be done at operating temperature. There are three parts to the test

How to get codes:
How to get them cheap on an 87-88:

Let us know what you get, by section of the test.
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If you try all of the above and your still having a problem with the car switching off on its own, you might try looking at the ignition switch. They are a notorious problem among all Fords of this period. A cheap and easy fix (~$15) if you catch it before it melts your plug in. Its a good idea to replace it with a new, improved style even if its not bad... since you said the parts are all stock.

Could be other things, but that's my first guess after you do what Pete recommends. A bad ignition switch won't set a code, either.
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Some pictures:

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