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New 3G Alt.
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I found this guy selling these new Chrome 3G alternators at a local swap meet.

Price is $139.
They are brand new, with a one year warranty and are USA made.

The casing are chromed in Ohio and the internal parts come from Chicago.

Sorry, picture not working... Pete???

Gary's Chrome Alternator Service
"Starters & Alternators"
Blairsville, PA 15717
Shop # 724-459-5759

Probably will have to leave a messege,
works at another job.
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Here is a working link:
Pete Dunham


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That's a very good price.

I have a rule of thumb though, "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is."

What type of warranty or guarantee is provided? Anyone you know using one from them? Any way to get references.?

Swap meet guarantees are usually of the type "If it breaks you get to keep the parts."
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IMO in the past buying a 3G for $140 was reasonable, but today you can get 3G alternators all day long at the junk yards for between $25-$40 dollars. I personally have bought two in the last 3 months (1 to help a friend do the swap and 1 just because it was a new Autozone unit and I have one already with a lifetime warranty I bought 4 years ago, so I couldnt pass it up)Many polishing places will polish the alternator for you for less than $30.

If its a show car and you have lots of disposable cash, than its a good deal.
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