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Negative Battery Cable
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Hey everyone. 

Got my car out of storage a few days ago and while I was putting in the battery I noticed that the negative battery clamp is starting to crack where the nut compresses it against the terminal. Common logic would say replace the cable, but I realize those are probably rarer than headlights and tail lights at this point!

Knowing that there is no OEM replacement, is there another Fox-body cable that works?  It would appear as if our cable is a bit unique in that one of them ‘pigtails’ into 3 other cables. It would be nice to have a plug and play type solution. 
Or should I just cut the clamp and replace it with another? I’m not in love with the idea of making the cable shorter but if it’s the easiest thing to do then maybe I’ll consider it. I’ve never had to do heavy duty electrical work on a car before, so I don’t want to mess it up. 

Thank you!

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Measure the approximate length of the current cable and go to any parts store and pick up a similar length cable for a couple $$.
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they have them on rockauto for like $20
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Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.

I figured I was probably overthinking it. Off to RockAuto I go…

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