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Needs to start twice
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Hey guys I been having this problem that I can't solve, and it's really starting to annoy me. For about 2 weeks now when I try to start my car when the engine's cold, she woul fire up for 2 seconds and then die. Even if I try to press on the gas to try to keep her alive she will still die. But if I start her up for a second time she would fire up and stay fired up with no problems. When the engines warm this doesn't happen.

Within the 2 weeks I have been trying to solve the problem myself. I've removed and cleaned the IAC, tested and adjusted the TPS to .94v, checked my vac. lines (I get about 18 vac. on my guage at idle) When that didn't solve the problem I pulled the codes. KOEO 11, KOER 25, 73, 76. Whenever I pulled the codes before I always got 73 and 76 and the car was starting fine. Could my TPS or VAM be bad or do I have a ignition problem.

88 TC

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The next time you do a cold start, try this.
Turn the Key to RUN for 2-3 seconds but dont' try to start it. After 2-3 seconds turn key OFF and immediately repeat key to RUN for 2-3 seconds. Repeat this cycle 3-4 times, then try to start car. If car stays running, then do the Fuel System Diagnostics found in the Technical Articles. If car doesn't stay running, do the Fuel System Diagnostics found in the Technical Articles.

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