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Need some serious help!
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Ok so i need to run my bpv back into the intake ive tried a few different things and ideas no pictures online that i can find are helpful need help last part and im stuck if anybody has ideas or puctures that could help me get this done would be truley apperciated . below are some pics of my last attempt ?

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I have the stock intake hose between the VAM and turbo, not metallic like yours appears to be, but I just cut a hole in the stock hose, and glued a 1" OD barbed fitting in with RTV Ultra Black on both the inside and outside of the fitting. Been holding up just fine for 15+ years and 80K miles. Remember that the turbo intake hose isnt under any serious pressure or vacuum.
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How do i get the stock intake hose or something close to it cause the one i have is a metal one that i know is not original

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I have some good used VAM hoses. I'll ship you one for $45.
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Would something like this work?

[Image: Stinger_2.jpg]
It's almost all the way down at the bottom of that page.
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