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Need some help with what timing
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Well fellow turboforders its that time again, opening day at the track at least for me any ways.
(Mid Michigan Motorplex, for anybody who has not been to this track it's great)

Well last fall saw my XR7 in a little bit of trouble, all over the place on the mph through the 1/4. Did a little research (search button on Nato and TF) My cam timing was way off and the car was running way rich. Fixed the cam timing couple of weeks ago. Car runs so much better.

Current Mods to 86 XR7:
Junkyard 85.5 motor w/ 160k, 147 compression
88tc 5speed w/spec III clutch, and pressure plate (its like a switch)
3" downpipe and exhaust Bobs elbow
LA3 and Big Vam with homemade CAI (thank you home depot
gillis valve, boost gauge, Bailey BPV
big fuel pump, APR with gauge
total tuneup with the motorcraft stuff
New cooling system w/180 stat, new electric fan with manual switch.
GN intercooler without scoop for the moment
stock 7.5 rear end (but it was hooked up to a 18.0 car until I got it. (posi works fine)
SMC alky injection with the .07 jet w/80psi
Recentley hookedup LM-1 (best piece of equipment I have ever bought!!!!

Took the car for a drive with a buddy holding the LM1, the car was so rich at 20psi w/ alky, 15 degrees base timing, 44fp
10.0 afr..... all the way through 4th gear. I turned up the boost to 22psi, (gillis maxed, but I ordered the high pressure spring) that got me 10.5 all the way through 4th. Next I turned the fuel pressure all the way down to 38psi, finally got the AFR 11.8. The car runs so much better. I'm shooting for 25psi and maybe a little more timing. Will need to change to cooler plug though. This four banger is really starting to go now :-)

Future mods, (within a month) new 105amp altinator, GN IC scoop, drag radials, new brakes (one of my caliper is setup) more tuning with the LM1

I'm having fun are you????

P.S. this damn car atleast has to match my 02 Z28 (stock)in the 1/4 13.30 @ 108 2.1 60'
At least in ET, it will not MPH like the LS1

Then my second post.......

Some more tuning questions.....
I installed some colder plugs... autolite 103
The car runs good on the colder plug, but definately have to let it warm up first. Got the gillis high pressure spring. Watch out with that spring. First time I punched it in 2nd buried the 30psi boost gauge. That was the first time I ever heard detination WOW. Fast as hell for 2 seconds. Any ways got the boost under control. 24-25psi through a GN IC feels great. My base timing is 14-15 with spout out. I have KS plug in until I see my mph at the track in a couple of weeks. Better do over 100mph. I got almost 97mph on 20psi with C3 last year. Over all the car runs great.

The LM1 shows my afr 12.0 most of the way across the rev range 2k-5.5k. I'm runing with 39psi of fp w/vacuum line off. I cannot raise the boost any higher with the T3, hell I pretty much past the operating window right now. I had to go more boost, my afr was way low on 22psi like 11.8 with 38psi of fp. I tryed 36-37psi but the car would not idle well.

My question is this. My SMC alky kit is providing alot of intake cooling and additional fuel. My AF looks great, but just because it is does not mean I'm not detinating. What to you guys think on base ignition time. I'm willing to pull the KS at the track after I see my mph.


Going for max performance on pump fuel, stock turbo, stock injectors, stock head(160k jy motor).

I already see a bigger turbo in my near future. As I can run more base fuel pressure and a bigger jet on the SMC kit.
86XR7 in pieces...old time [email protected] 88TC stock Red RHSC [email protected], 01 Z71=Nice winter ride, 01 CVLX w/HPP wifes ride!

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Wow, sounds like you have a lot of the same mods as me. Mine are listed on the Fastest TCs list, and I also ran 97 mph in the ¼ mile at around 22psi. Since then I have gotten an LM1 and did a DIY alky kit, and I’m loving it. I don’t have an aftermarket boost gauge, but I did check my factory gauge against a fuel pressure testing tool and found that the gauge maxes at 26 psi (almost pointing at the “firm ride” light. I have been driving every day on pump gas with the factory boost gauge pegged. It’s a whole new car. I was running 50/50 water / denatured alky mix. I recently started running straight alky, and the a/f came down from mid 13s to high 12s. I want to try Methanol next, and spray pretty heavily to keep the inlet temps down this summer.

I agree the LM1 is essential, otherwise you are flying blind as far as afr.

I don’t know exactly where my timing is, but when I hear a little rattle, I back it off for a good safety margin. I think it’s around 10 degrees right now.

I plan on going to the track soon, but first I am going to rebuild my trac-loc, replace the rear suspension bushings (getting wheel hop). Also I am getting ready to order an aluminum drive shaft.

Good luck and keep us posted.

87 TC, T5, Raven/Gray leather, 14.57 @ 97.
87 TC, T5, t3/t4, alky spray, 3" exhaust. 13.65 @ 102.75 on radials

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Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I was thinking of backing the timing down to 12 w/spout out.

I install the 105amp 1g altinator upgrade. The car loves the extra amps. I had a problem show up the though. I have an exhaust leak between the manifold/turbo. Need to get that fixed. I ordered the Montac racing easy timing tool. That should be here this week. I'll retime the car then.

I think I'll repost this on Lots of good guys over there to.

86XR7 in pieces...old time [email protected] 88TC stock Red RHSC [email protected], 01 Z71=Nice winter ride, 01 CVLX w/HPP wifes ride!

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