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Need some help...
Guys heres the deal my TC has decided to play up.. I was driving the other day and it stopped.

I only had 280 kilometers on the tank of gas, i usually get closer to 450, or more on highway but this was all city driving. so I added more gas but still no luck i added about 10$ and cranked the engine for a fair amount of time. no firing nothing.

I ran codes got 11 KOEO, 41 Continous. I jumperd the far right test connector to a ground and i hear this noise at the fuel rail but no pump noise..... I also hear like a click of a realay engaging from the black box on the pass side black box.

What can I check, What are the likely culprits. just so everyone knows, its got a fresh tune up, motocraft plug wires, rotor and cap, new fuel filter, new FPR, and tons of other little stuff, I suspect that it was running lean. based on my emmisions results High NO readings. How can I test the pump.

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The relay clicking in the integrated controller (black box) is the fuel pump relay... thats good. I could be a weak pump, running so slowly you cant really hear it, or wiring from the "black box" to the FP. Use a test light at terminal 5 (PK/BK wire) of the integrated controller to be sure you have power there when the FP is supposed to be running. Probe the wire with a pin to do this, just like when measuring TPS voltage. Leave the EEC test connector jumpered so the FP should be running, and listen under the gas tank to see if you hear anything. Check power with test light at both sides of the inertia switch with FP circuit energized. Is your fuel filter in good shape?

If memory serves me, code 41 is lean for over 15 sec when EEC is supposed to be in closed loop. Could be from low fuel pressure. Check fuel press to be sure it is 40 psi with vac line off regulator.

Lots of things could be the cause here, but I would bet on a bad fuel pump. Is it old / the original?

Jeff Korn

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Jeff Korn

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Try to get a fuel pressure tester.
That will tell you what your pressure is.
It needs to be like 35 PSI.
If you have less than that, I'd bet you need a new fuel pump.
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You may have to use a stethescope on the tank to hear the pump, you can borrow mine if you want. Some pumps aren't as noisy as mine is. You can borrow my pressure tester too if you need it.

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Another thing that will cause your engine to just quit and not restart, is a problem with the aux shaft and distributor. Try cranking the engine with the dist cap off to see if the rotor is even turning. Aux shaft might have come loose (retainer) and stripped the dist gears. This happened to me about 3 months ago.

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Let us not forget....

The Inertia Fuel Cut Off Switch in the trunk ! If it got triggered, you can go nuts trying to find out what it isn't !

There is a hole (about 1.5" dia) in the trunk panel covering the tail lights on the Driver's side. Reach your finger in there and push the white button to reset to switch (if it was triggered).

Could be your relay is clicking but power to the pump is cut off by the inertia switch....

Dan Eaves
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Dan Eaves
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Ill try the inertia switch but i dont think that is the culprit, As for Aux shaft ill check it. but im thinking that this is a fuel delivery problem. I have a line on a 307 lph fuel pump for cheap so ill see if i can get my hands on it (more than enough for my current mods and futur NO2 plans)

I cant remeber if i heard the fuel pump before, the sound gets mixed in with the abs accumulator

Ill test these things tomorro

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