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Need some engine help
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I am getting a 85 tc engine and turbo but the engine likes to spew oil from everywhere you can think of. I also have a 89 mustang 2.3l that runs great. What would I need to do to the na block to be able to run the turbo setup from the 85. Any help would be appreciated. ALso, should I run the 85 t3 turbo or hold out for a ihi or a t3/t4 hybrid?

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You really ought to just fix the turbo engine.

The na block would need forged pistons, the oil return line fitting hole drilled in the block. Th na head need turbo exhaust valves, combustion chamber work to lower compression and unshrould the valves
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The oil leaks are much easier to fix if you have the engine outside of the car. Could be something as simple as the valve cover gasket ...

I would keep your T3 turbo, or use it as a core and have it machined into a T3/4 hybrid. Most people consider the T3 an upgrade from the Warner IHI.

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