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This is kind of long, so I apologize up front for that. I have been restoring an 85 TC for a year and a half. It has been a very agonizing process. But, I am almost finshed, and I mean it this time (been sayin that for almost a year. times flies). Anyways, theere are a few pesky problems around. Please understand that I have been looking at this car for a year and a half, while driving a 1983 nissan sentra. i am dying to finally be in it. these problems are the only thing keep me at this point, and any help on anything would be awesome. I think the car has a gremlin, but that is another story. any help with any of these would be much appreciated.

Odometer/Tach: put another one in as the old one didn't work, now everything works except odo/tach. turbo and two on each side work, but not big two. is that electrical, or is the newer one borke two. really need help on these, cant keep buying used ones, plus they aren't very plentiful. Maybe a wirin problem, as wiring in car was butchered before my purchase of the car. We have been trying to piece it back together

Radiator Fan: was one few things that worked before complete stripdown, and now everything else works but it doesn't. We have to straightwire it to battery to keep it running or car will over heat, and doing it like that causes it to run cool. would rather do it right than put in a higher temp thermostat.

Haet/Ac unit: the console area was trashed, we had to completely redo it with used parts, and got it as good as it is gonna get. Anyway, for some god-forsaken reason, the jeater fan only works when u put it on high, and only blows out on the floor, even if u move the switch to ventss or defrost. what is causing this. happens in two different units, so i dont think it is the unit that is broke.

Turbo has well over 200,000 miles, should i trust it to run with a newly rebuilt engine? I can another another one of the same kind with much less miles for cheap, but dont want to it if i dont have to. Would it help performance? Please advise. I also see the turbo "letting off" steam or smoke some times, just from being hot, no leaks though. Is this normal.

Last problem is my winshield wipers. when they are hooked up, they keep running, no matter what i do. we have to unplug them under the hood. or they never quit when car is on. what causes, and fixes, this? Need halp with blinkers too. They dont work, and flasher is not bad, nor bulbs. Works on right side ometimes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all help, for this is all that is holding me up. She runs like a champ.

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Heater fan only works on high: most likely cause is burnt out fan resistors. Look on the black plastic air plenum in the pass side footwell. There is a electrical connector attached to the resistor assy. remove the connector, and remove the resistor assy (2 screws, I think). Look for blown resistors.. the resistors are little coils of wire.

Cooling fan: Did you hook up thewire to the fan switch? (on the lower intake, I think)

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My guess is a turbo with 200K on it is near the end of it's service life. pull the inlet tube off the compressor inlet and check the shaft for end and side play and see if the blades touch any part of the housing while doing the end and side play checks. There should be almost no perceptible end play.
Side play can be perceptible (very small), but if the blades touch the housing at any point it's rebuild time.

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