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need help identifing things PLEASE!!!!
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I was goofing around with my 87 TC and I thought I would pull the two panels down behind the rear seat. What are all these things hidden behind these panels? On the drivers side there is a black box and a metal electronic device that has sheet metal with holes in it like swiss cheese. On the pass. side there is a box that is marked anti lock on it and another box the is unmarked I didn't unbolt any of these. and there is this thing that is hanging loose, about the size of a hockey puck with a spring in the middle of it,It has four wire running to it. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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One is the factory stereo amp, the other is the abs computer. Not sure about the hockey puck size object.
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any idea what this round thing with the spring in the middle is?

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Pete may have sent you this, so sorry if this is a repeat, but here is a diagram of the packages:

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