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need engine rebuild help(long)
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Ok I got the motor out of the car but I have'nt torn into it yet. My question is this..Where do I go from here? I want to build a 300hp(+) motor for this car but I really don't know where to start. I'd like somebody with the exspirence to help out if they could, if possible. ie if this was my motor I would.....?My thoughts thus far are pretty basic stuff that I picked up from this site. Keep the block and crank (redo bearings? Regrind crank?) upgrade pistons (to?)Head (?) upgrade to ranger roller cam, Rods?, Valve sizing?, intake? swap for larger? Bore over size to? Up grade turbo to T3/4, 3'exhaust(no cats needed here) What else? And what should I be asking machine shop on first visit? I know this is alot of info but I want to do this right...the first time. The car will see some strip time and advangerious [Image: smile.gif] street driving. The time has come to get serious. No one around here has a cool TC that can haul ass. And believe me I got alot of ass to haul. Thanks,

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.040 is the max recommended overbore on the turbo block. .020 or .030 is plenty depending on current cylinder wear. Boring is not going to give you a lot of cubes. The stock rods are OK for 300+ but have them checked for bend and twist and reconditioned. Get new rod bolts. Stay with 8:1 compression forged pistons. I'm partial to just the oversized exhaust valve. It balances out the system and leaves more metal between the valve seats. This is a debatable approach vs oversizing all valves. Get someone with experience on these heads to do a good porting job. stick w/ a stock oil pump, no hi flow or hi pressure. A stock T-3 probably won't get to 300, or at least not beyond. Go too much beyond 300 and your looking at bigger injectors and some sort of aftermarket management system to handle them. A 3" exhaust sounds good. Cams are wide open. A RR will make 300 hP if you blow on it hard enough, but so will the stock cam. I kind of like the A230 Motorsports cam. There are other choices and even some custom grinds. I would avoid the Modern Performance cams personally.

Ask the shop what 2.3 T experience they have and ask for references.

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