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Need a more complete rear end swap in FAQ section
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Hey do you guys think someone could put together some alternative swaps in the faq section for brake upgrades using jy goodies....example

1)83-86 TC 5 lug conversion using 7.5 axels and drums from some other car, and what master cylinder options

2)83-86 TC 5 lug conversion staying with current drums using 8.8 from 87-88 TC using what master cylinder options and axels

3)83-86 TC 5 lug conversion going disc using 8.8 from 87-88 TC using what master cylinder options and axels

4) 5 lug conversion for 87-88 TC usong what axels and what master cylinder options.

I keep hearing so many different things and I would like to see a comprehensive break down.
I hear older 5 lug lincolns are a good choice because there is no abs sensor stuff. I hear
Aerostar axels are a good choice too. I hear go to a 95 mustang master cylinder or early crown vic master cylinders would work.

I know of several links, but none of them are a complete breakdown. This way we can put this issue to bed.

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Who, that has some direct experience is going to volunteer to work something up. A couple people working on this would make it an easier project.

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