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need 42lbhr injectors help
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i need 42lbhr injectors mine are toot old and just don't pump the fuel they need to i can turn my fuel up but my car just falls on it's face at about 18psi yet i'm running rich my injectors are out of a old porche 944 turbo if anyone could help or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated thanx in advance


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If your running rich don't you think you should put the stock 35# injectors back in


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The EEC doesn't know they are 42 so it operating them like they were 36s. Yeah it's gonna be rich. Put the 36s back in or get an after market management system

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He could be saying that he runs the 35's at a higher fuel pressure but it falls on it's face because the 35's can't keep up. The car will also run rich at idle when the base FP is set to say 60psi. Trust me on that.

Of course I thought the older 944 turbo cars had 42's in them. When I ran my 42's I lowered the base FP and was fine. If I ran stock FP it would fall on it's face from too much fuel. The car is trying to control the 42's as if they were 35's. They will pulse like the 35's and run very rich. Either lower you base FP to like 35psi(or less) or get a custom chip to control them. Rumor has it that carcrazyscott from S&R Racing is going to be selling a used Johnson Motorsport chip very soon. If I wasn't getting the SDS in a week or so I would buy it.

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i turned down my fuel it seem to run a little bit better at 16psi when it gets dry here i'll turn my boost up thanx alot guys

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