North American Turbocoupe Organization

NATO now extends beyond North America
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I'd like to extend a warm welcome to our newest members, Kelly B and Sigurpall A.
Sigurpall is from Iceland.

NATO Member
88 TC X 2, 86 SVO, Main TC with K&N, 3"DP to 2.5"duals through Dynamax, Ric valve at 17+ and disconnected KS. Elite Bodega 16" chrome wheels. Autometer pod w/ A/F and Vac/boost gauges.140 mph Motorsports Speedo New engine: Total Seal rings and TRW pistons, ported and polished head w/ cc'd chambers,1.59"exhausts, SS valves, gutted upper, knife edged lower, A-230 cam, Race Engineering Adj Cam Sprocket, Crowlers, ARP head studs, and rod bolts. Walbro 255 HP pump and Kirban adj FPR, T-3. Centerforce II, KB subs and jack rails.
Pete Dunham


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SWEET! We've gone International!!!

Welcome aboard. I wouldn't suppose you find parts any easier than the rest of us??? [Image: smile.gif]

Glad to have you two with us.

Les and Becky.

Les T.
88 TC - Light Sandalwood/Black
Light Blue Granite dash trim, 140MPH Speedo - 2.5" single straight exhaust-Dynomax ST-No Cat, 40k motor with Intercooled T3
**IHI sold!!!**

87 TC - Dark Red, real nice interior, seized motor (Motor coming soon!!) [Image: smile.gif]

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Les T.
88 TC - Light Sandalwood/Black 5sp. *RIP* Precision SC-50, A237, Stage 3 clutch, Ported E6/Intakes, 54k motor
94 BMW 540i
92 Saab 900s Vert
82 Stang GT - T-Top, Soon to be 2.3T - that engine shown above!
80 MB 300SD - Turbo Diesel
96 Explorer - 5.0 GT40 AWD, Soon to be turbo'd

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Iceland???...holy sh--!! they have any Ford dealers up there??...and these cars have such good traction in bad weather!!

Black 1987 T-Coupe 5 speed, stock xcept for K/N air filter.

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So following our namesake, should we change to name to the North Atlantic TurboCoupe Association?

Welcome aboard! Show and tell time; where's the pics?!? [Image: biggrin.gif]

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(welcome aboard)
like birdman said soon we are going to be known as the international turbo organization
(nato member) comletely rebuilt suspension with additon of caster camber plates lowered with mustang springs painted candy royal blue next up is increase of horse power by any means possable, (second place is just the first loser)

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