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Nato Member in Fatal Thanksgiving Accident
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Dr Hill was a NATO member. He has an 88TC. He is very invloved in the Motorsports program at UNCC. Here is the write up in the paper.

12:22 p.m. Thursday

William Nathaniel Peeler, 16, of Statesville was eastbound on U.S. 70 at more than 75 mph in a 55-mph zone near Hurley School Road.

His 2000 BMW passed the center line in a curve before slamming head-on into an oncoming gold 2000 Corvette driven by Kimberly Dawn Beam, 43, of Stanly County, said N.C. Highway Patrol Trooper C.F. Rogers.

The impact caused Peeler's car to fly over Beam's car, Rogers said.

Peeler died at the scene. Beam, 43, of New London died on her way to the hospital.

Her husband, Jerre Miller Hill, 61, was in critical condition Friday at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem.

Hill was instrumental in starting UNC Charlotte's motorsports engineering concentration in 1998, said Jim Cuttino, director of the university's Motorsports and Automotive Research Center.

Hill is director of academic programs, dealing with day-to-day curriculum issues and advising undergraduate students.

Beam's sister, Alison Phillips of Charlotte, said Beam met Hill while she was getting her mechanical engineering degree from UNCC.

"She worked as an engineer for several years, then went to work as a flight attendant. ... She spoke fluent French and was learning German," Phillips said. Lately, Beam had been working part time as a desk agent for Lufthansa and taught a physics lab at a community college.

Hill would often grade his students' papers while his wife drove, and on Thursday, the couple was headed to Statesville for a family Thanksgiving dinner.

"She was really kind of quiet and kind of reserved, but had a really dry sense of humor," Phillips said of her sister. "They were big animal lovers and had two dogs and four cats they had adopted
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This is devistating news. Lives lost and destroyed for no reason. Dr Hill, his family, and other families involved in this tragic accident will by in my families prayers.

Rod, please keep us updated on this as more information is available.
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Dr Hill and his family and the others involved will be in our prayers. Please keep us updated.
Pete Dunham


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So sad. All will be in my prayers.
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Its very sad this happened, but this article has me outraged.

While yes, the accident wa Williams fault, the article says nothing about him other than he was 16 and from a certain town, where as they go on to give specifics about the other involved parties lives and what kind of people they were. It seems as if they are treating William as a murderer, and that isnt right at all.
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Man, you just hate to read about tragedies like this. Such a shame for all families involved.

Shawn, don't be outraged by the lack of coverage for the teenager.. what is there to say really. He was an inexperienced driver that was driving well over the limit, who didn't keep his car under control and slid across the center line killing an innocent person and critically injuring another. Does that make him a murderer? Not in a premeditated sence.. but his actions and lack of responsibility caused an innocent persons death, and personally, I'd be more outraged about that than the fact they didn't include his bio in the paper.

My prayers are with both families of this unfortunate event and for Mr Hills recovery~
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This is very sad news and you never seem to have the words to express to the families and friends. My deepest sympathy to Dr. Hill and his family and friends and the others involved. I see stuff like this all the time in my line of work and it is sad for both sides. Has anyone heard any updates on this or his condition?...Tommy

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Wow!! I have heard of movie stars dying in threes, but this is the third turboforder to have his wings clipped this month. Very sad. What was his user name?
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Dr. Hill's screen name is AeroDog
Pete Dunham


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'Tis the season fellas.

Everyone PLEASE be on your guard, as this time of the year takes more lives away to more causes of death than any other time of year.

God be with them all, condolences, and prayers.

Yall be safe-

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