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NAPA struts & shocks
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Was all ready to pick up NAPA shocks and struts when the guy said all their shocks and struts are made by Monroe. Well, Monroes are a lot cheaper. Does Monroe make a "better" setup for NAPA or are they just Sensa-traks with a NAPA label? If this is the case, the Monroes are about $120 cheaper for all. Any reviews on the Monroes? I would like a stiff ride, like the PRC's in the firm mode. Thanks... Chuck
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Monroes are okay at first but still not stiff, but seemed to me to soften up fairly quick. That was when my wife was driving the TC daily and she liked it. I've since changed to KYB, a little better I think.
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KYB gas-a-justs are AWESOME. if you spend the coin on the 5 way ones, you can manually set them from lincoln continental to F1... :p

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