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My weekend ( VERY LONG)
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Good morning and afternoon to all...

I have had an exciting week with my TC.
It all started with the oil leak...

I put the TC on the street because of a mysterious oil leak that appeared and put out a quart of oil a minute, it seemed. All of my DMV fees are paid and everything is good.

Until the call...

"There's a Sheriff car following a flat bed with your car on it down the road. You should call the Sheriff's Department!".

I'm 35 miles away in Bakersfield when I get the call, on my way to pick up my wife. I immediately call the Sheriff and the Deputy calls me back. She says:

"Normally I won't tow a car if it's "registration in progress, but it's been sitting out here too long."

Wow- it hasn't been "long" in my understanding of the word "long", but no use arguing my case with the Deputy. I simply ask her what I can do to get it back tonight. She tells me to go to the substation (which I live next door to) and have a certain Sergeant sign a 'release' and I can get it. She advises me to hurry.

I leave all behind (except for my wife, which I HAD to pick up) and was back in McFarland in around 30 minutes. I went to the substation and it was locked- all lights off. I call the substation and nobody answers. I called the main headquarters in Bakersfield and am told, very simply, that no Sergeant will be on duty until Monday.
A Sergeant should be on duty in Bakersfield, right? Well, yes, but a Sergeant from McFarland has to sign for it.

She sat in the tow yard all weekend.

I went to the substation on Monday at exactly 8AM to get my "release". Nobody there. I wait until 9:15 when someone arrives. They promptly send me to the DMV to get a moving permit. I go to the DMV, get my moving permit in exactly 2 minutes and am back at the substation. They tried to charge me $250 for the relase, but I told them that I would have to speak with the Sergeant first. The lady came out with my release and apologized.

The tow yard was a place where I could have easily snapped and been transported to the nearest jail, but fortunately my wife was there. I had to keep her from hurting someone, so that kept me sane.

To the tune of $419. Would have been $149 on Friday night.

Paid the man, mumbled 'highway robbery', subdued my wife and dragged her out to the TC. I look it over. They obviously tried to pry their way in through the driver's side door, but they didn't damage it to any real point. I just wanted the hell out of there, so I get in and turn the key. "CLICK". Once again- "CLICK/BANG". What the heck!!!!! The car has never had a problem starting!!

I get a 12V Jumper from the man who just took my paycheck (I figured it was the least he could do, since I can no longer afford a cup of coffee) and hooked it up, thinking that they had drained my battery when they tried to get the door open. Nothing. A little hispanic guy came out and tried to get it started. He pried on the starter, pulled on it, hit it with a hammer, jumpered the solenoid and grabbed a torque wrench and tried to turn the crankshaft pulley. "Motor No Good" he says.

I pushed the car about 50 miles out of this place and waited for reinforcements to arrive with tools. Once I had them, I walked to the parts store and bought a jack stand (20 dollars). Took all the bolts out of the starter and pried it out with a bar. I turned the starter over with the ignition, re-installed it and it fired right up. Missed one full day of work.

I've now got it parked in front of my house and the Sheriff's department with a DMV-issued "Thank you" sticker in the window.

Anyways, this was a rant. If you took the time to read this, I apologize. I'm sorry for wasting half of your day. Smile

Revised list of things needing repair urgently:

Oil leak (seal bottom side of dipstick tube with RTV)
Finish wiring job for main fan
Replace ABS Accumulator
Bleed brakes (only getting air from front)
Replace A/C Clutch
Recharge A/C System
Fix Transmission Shifter (won't go into park??)
Repair/Replace driver's seat (leans back to the right)
Replace taillights (outer shells are cracked and shattered)
Get windshield wipers to park

Then comes all of the stuff for restoration that is 'non-essential'.

I'm dedicated to this car. I think that I proved it this weekend!!
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Wow....that is a story....sorry to hear about the wasted money to the tow guys...

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That is bull^*&%!!!! Was it towed legally? If the reg was pending that is bull. From a cops point of view that is total and complete bull crap. This must be a small town that the police don't get shot at that much to car about something like that. And the fact that you were lied to multiple times and they damaged your car. I would be asking some questions higher up. I am pissed for you.
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[email protected] em lol.....that suck tho sorry to hear that

must be a small town that the police don't get shot at that much lol
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Quote:Originally posted by HOODBIRD:
[email protected] em lol.....that suck tho sorry to hear that

must be a small town that the police don't get shot at that much lol
Im serious take a Detroit cop put them in the same situation and they wouldn't risk their life. Same token small town cops get bored and start doing stupid stuff. Hammer the people that are intentionally messing up.
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Man i am SOOOOOOO glad i live in TINY small town in upstate NY,,, that kinda thing NEVER happens round here. Sheriff may ask ya if you need a hand maybe , or where are the fish biting ! That reminds me , i want to get up early to try to bag a wild turkey in the AM ....
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Man that sucks. Channel 5 news would sure be getting a phone call.
Pete Dunham


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Quote:Originally posted by Pete D:
Man that sucks. Channel 5 news would sure be getting a phone call.
DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! Write a book and sell it to get your money back. Who knows.
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I dont know what all the fuss is about...

It sounded like a lovely weekend with the misses. Big Grin
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Good story and well written, imjam. Here in Babylon NY you can't even have a car in your drive way without legal plates. If you didn't bother to get it inspected because you didn't use it, you are in trouble with the state of NY.

If I remember right the reason a car was registered and given license plates was to protect the owners from thieves who would steal a car and claim it was theirs. So much for laws that are made to protect us.

On another note -- I have a sister who doesn't want you to smoke, second hand smoke, in her back yard when she has a BBQ. Yet her husband can stand or sit in my kitchen and blow his ass off every five minutes. Shouldn't there be a law about having to breath a gas that came out of someones ass in your own kitchen???
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