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My Turbo is shot, rebuild?
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My T-3 had massive side to side movement(approx. .006), but no endplay. So I took it all apart and the center shaft is all scored where it rides on the bearings/bushings. The center housing appears to be in good condition, and I think I could just replace the bronze bearings with a rebuild kit.
Also the Compressor wheel now has a ding in one blade, thanks to me dropping it. So I was wondering would I be able to get a new Turbine shaft, and compressor wheel?
Would a new cartdrige from Turbo city be worth it?
Or should I just replace the Turbo ?
I have completely rebuilt the motor, with performance in mind.

ATP Turbo Has a T3/T4 Hybrid for around $700, is it any good?

Help opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!

Christopher Taylor
85 TC, 2.3l, LA3, T3/T4 Turbo 25psi, Stinger FMIC, Forge BOV, Full 3" Exhaust, Esslinger crank pulley- Timing Gears and overdrive WP pulley, BBK 255lph FP, Kirban AFPR, Kirban Shifter, K&N Cone, 3g Alternator, Energy Suspension Bushings throughout, CHE LCA's, Welded SFC's, and TON's of other parts.

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I talked to evergreen about rebuilding my T-3.A stock rebuild is about $325,some mods to it,can't remember the mods exactly,like $450.A T-3/T-4 hybrid is a good choice,price seems about right,should be good to like 400+hp.its up to your budget,what say u?

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