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gtbird Wrote:Lights inboard of headlights are different between T/C's and nonT/C's, headlights and outboard lights are the same and as 50Racer said, the taillights are the same.

This is correct. Only the inner lights are different. I parted out a Sport model a few months ago and used the headlights for one of my cars because they were in better condition than the ones I had.
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Thanks for the clarification, I thought I remembered it being that way but it was over 15 years ago when I bought/replaced all of the front lights on my 88 T/C. I also replaced the fog lights at that time, all told the 8 NOS parts ran me close to $1,000. Local Ford dealer located parts for me but I had to contact the different dealerships and arrange the purchase myself. One of the inner lights came from Larry Bird Ford, which was pretty cool to me as I live in New England and was a Boston Celtics fan. I believe I still have the box it came in as well as a Larry Bird dealership sticker the parts guy threw in for me.
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I was going to have the radiator clean out but when I pulled it out if felt like it weigh 100 pounds so I just tossed it in the trash and bought a new one. Car runs a lot cooler.
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Ha. I had a lady friend who junked out her Toronado with only 73k on a 403. Grabbed the motor and put that sweet baby in my 79 Cutlass Supreme when the V6 finally went out. With a set of Hedman headers that car went really fast and phenomenal mpg since the engine barely had to work to get me to 70. I miss that car.
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Here's a Pic when I bought it

[img][Image: 5_zpsuuvcmp2c.jpg][/img]

The hit

[img][Image: 7_zpshwi1qgsd.jpg][/img]

1000 bucks later

[img][Image: P1060104_zpshgnfari7.jpg][/img]
1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe 5 speed Boosting 25 PSI with Boport/Stinger parts !

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wow, that's a good improvement or $1,000.
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