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A New 2013 Ford F-150 King Ranch!

Isn't he purdy? Tuxedo Black Metallic exterior, Adobe with Chaparral leather interior. The King Ranch luxury package with all the goodies. A 3.5L EcoBoost twin-turbo/direct injected engine with 365HP @ 5500rpm and 420lb-ft @ 2500rpm. Killer!

[color:#CC0000]EDIT 3/17/14: I cannot believe the power of this engine, it's incredible. All the electronic bells and whistles are pretty cool, too. The MyFord Touch system works well, as does the Sync system - I had read otherwise. Having controls on the steering wheel is pretty nice, too. No buyers remorse here!

[color:#CC0000]EDIT 8/6/14: Nearly six months now, and still no complaints. Zero problems so far as well. I was wrong: Having controls on the steering wheel is NOT just pretty nice, it's AWESOME, especially now that I'm used to them. The cooled (and heated) seats are really nice, too.[/color]

He rides and drives like a dream! No comparison at all to my previous '07 Ranger. [color:#CC0000]Sue (wifey) calls him "our Cadillac of trucks".[/color]

[Image: MyTruck00.jpg]

Enjoy the pic, I am the reality!

Oh, yeah, and I got a smokin' deal too!

BTW, My 87 TC is behind the end garage rollup.
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ver nice
1988 5speed black every option. 3inch single turbo to tail(stinger), manual boost control. k&n cone walbro fuel pump

1986 xr4ti project car..... way to many mods to list.

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My dad got a new f150 with the ecoboost and says it is no comparison to his old 5.4, and he got it with the heavy duty towing package to let him tow up to about 11,400lbs I believe. So far he loves it.
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Congrats, Joe! Beautiful truck!
Jeff Korn

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Been thinking hard myself lately about picking up a new '14 Tremor, not fully sure if I wanna take the plunge yet though. My Ranger currently does everything that I need a truck to do, which only consists of hauling body/engine parts for my shop. I have a jerr-dan roll back for hauling vehicles and towing, so the Tremor would be just a toy for me. They are all Bad-A$$ trucks though, has General Morons entire current truck lineup, 2010-current, easily beaten down in every aspect. Big Grin

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Real nice truck Joe. That is great looking
I saw a Tremor at the Clevecity auto show yesterday, Nice truck but not inexpensive. I went with an old friend from our Ford days. Let's just say that sticker shock was the theme of the Ford display
Pete Dunham


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Yeah I hear you. Lucky I had been researching for three weeks or so before I went to the dealer to talk so the sticker shock was pretty well non-existant. What with their "massage the numbers" and attempting to match several on-line deals I found in Dallas they reduced the final price by about $6K or so. Then subtract the additional $6K of incentives, my Ranger trade-in, and my not-inconsiderable down paymet and it became doable without a strain. Glad I did it, too!
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Nice truck Joe its insane how much power these things can get and still maintain decent MPG!
88 5 speed TC
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