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My new paint job..Flames!
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Joe and Tony aren't the only ones with beautiful flame paint jobs. Check out mine.

My brother(a contractor) was doing some work around my house so the garage door was open. My son Derrik(3) took advantage of the situation and snuck in. The "little angel" decided to give the Turbocoupe a new paint job with some anti-seize.(The can comes with a handy brush after all) My brother caught him in the act and alerted my wife (I wasn't home) She decided the event needed photo documentation. This was the not-so-bad side, my brother had cleaned the other side off which was apparently much worse. My son's coat is still covered in anti-seize. If any one would like a custom flame job he is available. Get your name in early. I'm sure he'll be booked up quick.
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C'mon, get the real paint out for him.
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Damn, at first glance those looked like grinder marks. haha
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Those are some bitchin graphics.
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Nice flames!What's that exhaust doing laying on the ground?Get to work!

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w00t. Where do I sign up? Any chance he could do stylized flames instead of photo-realistic like those? Big Grin Kiddo's are great, my 5-year-old refers to the XR-7 as "Daddy's broken car" and likes to ask me when it's going to not be broken.
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Talk about "seizing" the opportunity. Bad pun, I know.

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Sounds like wht my youngest daughter did with my red car while working on it. Instead of Anti-sieze, she used a hammer on the drivers side fender. Luck for me she missed & hit the tire.
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Quote:Originally posted by Ryan H:
Damn, at first glance those looked like grinder marks. haha
haha thats what I thought but like a sanding disc instead.

I hate anti seize we use it on the fire trucks for the adapters and it does not come out of clothes.

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