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My new 88 tc
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I sold my first 88 tc and bought this one. Its also an 88 and has only 70,000 miles on it. it has a crunched quarter panel and a few surface rust spots on the door, but both will be getting fixed. other than that, this car is CLEAN. it came with these mods:

1,000 miles on a spec stage 2 clutch
aluminum highvolume water pump
new radiator
new heater core
new pads front and back
new power steering rack
Bigger front calipers (new) from lincoln mark7
Greddy profec B spec 2 digital boost controller also is vac/boost guage
digital (in cabin) fuel pressure gauge
air/fuel guage
3inch exhaust, dynomax ultrflow, and one glass pack- no cat, 3inch dp
gutted upper and knifed lower intakes from 40 bob
ported and fresh rebuilt head, ranger roller cam installed, new springs, seals, etc, original valves ( is a 88tc head)
ported e6
nice clean K&N mounted in fender
new walbro 255hp pump - (not installed)
This car was being setup for a big turbo, and i plan on doing just that.

heres some pics i took:


heres some pics of my puppy too, shes a lab/pit mix, playing with our jack russel.

i also have some extra parts from when i bought this car like a new walbro 255 HP fuel pump and install kit and i have a stock head and upper and lower intakes. check the for sale forum to see them.
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I'll take it off your hands if you pay me.. Big Grin
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sounds like a good deal to me.
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Quote:Originally posted by Ryan H:
I'll take it off your hands if you pay me.. Big Grin
I'll go one better..... I'll take it off your hands for free Smile
Jeff Korn

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I love the blue TCs! Great deal on that car. Mine will go back to its original blue when I re-paint it.
Good deal!
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yeah i like the color too, thanks.
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