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My first long trip
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Well,I just got back from my first long trip with my Turbo Coupe.All the way from Rochester N.Y. to Schroon Lake N.Y.I got 26 MPG on the way up and 24 MPG on the way back( With a 3-speed ).I'm pretty satisfied with that for a 20 year old car with 137000 miles! Also,I could possibly have a '87 Turbo Coupe at my disposal for parts.What parts,besides the five-speed,computer,and intercooler,could be used for upgrades to my car,which is an '86.Also,the computer out of a standard won't work with an automatic,correct?Thanks for the help!
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Sounds like you had a trouble free trip. Congrats. My 88TC (auto, 210k miles) is finally about ready for a shakedown run. Hope mine goes well.
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The automatic EEC is a must for the '87-'88 with the A4LD tranny. I see no reason why you could not use a 5 speed computer in a '86-earlier TC as the C3 is not EEC controlled...
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The 11" brakes from a '87/88 are a very good upgrade.
Also if you swap the EEC you also need the big VAM.
I've also installed the dual fans with the second fan on a manual switch.
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are the 87-88 front brakes the same as the 5.0's spindles/rotors etc? I have access to a setup and was wondering if they were identical...
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