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My first electrical gremlin,then it turned into a miss!
Ralph H. Offline
Check this out,my car started hanging the rpms when I would shift a couple days ago,I thought no biggie probably needs an IAC cleaning.It wouldn't do it all the time,just sporadically.So today I took a look at it and the TPS was missing a screw!It would move when you gave it hard throttle!So I put a screw in,set the TPS and tightened down the screws.Here's the kicker..I start it up and now the motor has a miss at idle only,I was not happy!So I said what the f happened?While it was running I loosened the left side screw a little and the miss miraculously dissapeared!Goes to show you don't crank on those sensor screws to much!!

Jeff K Online
Did you reset the closed throttle TPS voltage to around .95V after tightening it down? Since the TC TPS is adjustable (unlike many other cars), you really should correcctly set the voltage.
Jeff Korn

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Yes I reset it to .94 and it is fine now.I took it completely off just to make sure it looked good on the inside,it was.

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