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My bird lives again...
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So as many of you know I attempted a dash swap and climate control system overhaul earlier this summer. And well, everything went together pretty good except the car would do everything except start. Then I accidently shorted a B+ wire to ground and melted a bunch of wires.

That took up most of my summer to fix. And I still couldn't find one of the shorts.

Well the good news is, a couple of weeks ago, my coworker figured out and repaired the short (of course he won't tell me what it was). So the my car is officially running, and almost entirely back together. I still need to put the pillar trim back on, as well as the dash trim and center console. I also, need to replace the instrument cluster. The traces on the circuit board going to the ivr have lifted and think they finally broke, because my fuel and temp gauges went from working fine to reading zero this past week. All the same, I'm still super happy to have my car driveable again.
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Congratulations Andrew. That has to be a relief!
Pete Dunham


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Glad to hear that, Andrew!! Hope you will be able to make it to Carlisle 2014!
Jeff Korn

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