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my bird
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I kicked the bird out of the garage as I sort out its idle problems (tired of pulling it out everytime I start it). While it was out I figured I may as well pull off the cover and snap some pix. I live on a dirt road (1 mile to pavement) so its hard to keep the car clean. Its also in need of a makeover (as you can see from the driver's side rear). Hopefully the weather will warm up soon so I can turn the garage into a body shop (wife's blessing!). One question - you can see its missing the window trim. My parts car is an '87, will the good trim from that work on my '88? I'll also be swapping glass - rear window (working defroster!)and windshield (no cracks!)
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ahh nice bird dude.. I know the feeling about dirt roads.. If it was light out and i'd take a pic.. She needs a bath bad
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87 parts and 88 parts are, for the most part, identical. you will be fine.

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