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Mustang Control Arms?
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I know this an an extremely common question. I used the search function and couldn't get a straight forward answer.

Next weekend i will be rebuilding the entire suspension on my 88' T-Coupe using mustang struts/shocks/springs with the required rear adjustable control arms. I'm looking to get this done in one shot and not have to touch it for awhile so i spent some good money on quality performance suspension components for our cars. 

I'd like to upgrade the front lower control arms to tubular. Ofcourse they don't sell any for the T-Coupe specifically. However after using search i know that the 94-95 mustang control arms are the same.

This is where i get confused, will i be able to use the 94-95 control arms without modification on my 88'? I seen on a few threads that the balljoints are different. Or does this only apply to earlier year T-Coupes?

Thanks in advance!

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yes 94-04 mustang control are the same as the tbird. only thing different is the ball joint.
if using a 94-04 mustang spindle the mustang ball joint is the correct match.
im using mustang control arms in my 88. i have swap over to 5 lug using 94 mustang spindles.
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