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Muffler advise
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Howdy y'all.
It's been hot here, had the starter go on the car and didn't feel like doing it so I took it to a shop. While it was in I told him I'm sick of screwing around, I was going to take the turbo off, get the gaskets in there that should be in there, and check for any exhaust leaks at the manifold but wanted him to do it while he has the car. And man am I glad I did. I'll spare you the story. Suffice it to say it is done. I FINALLY have a car with no exhaust leaks.
So now I know it's just my exhaust that sounds like crap. It's loud, and there's just nothing I like about it. I'd like a much quieter sound.
I'm running the 3-in single setup from stinger and I got the dynaflow muffler through them.
Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a different muffler.
Edit: If it sounds good, a little loud is fine. If it doesn't sound good, I'd rather have quiet.i find the noise droning and obnoxious.

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I first had Dynomax Ultraflows on my Stinger 2.5" dual set up on my 88, straight downpipe. I also found these mufflers too loud for my taste especially on a classy car like a Turbo Coupe, here's what I did. Replaced the Dynomax mufflers with dual 2.5" Hooker MaxFLows and added a 3" ID 6" long race bullet where the cat would be, so now I have three mufflers and the car has a nice mellow sound to it, much better than the Dynomax mufflers. From the research I did on mufflers, the Hookers actually flow better and quieter then most other mufflers, but then you are running a single 3" so I think adding either a race bullet or some other small diameter round muffler in line will tone it down.
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Thanks Kuch, exactly the kind of advise I'm looking for. Other than trial and error which isn't really an option, getting advice from fellow owners is about the only other thing I can think of

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Hey Kuch,
Any reason you went with the Max Flows over the aerochamber? Seems they are both very popular.
Also, in regards to when you said "either a race bullet or some other small diameter round muffler" do you think you could please help me narrow it down? Does it really matter at all or should I go for a particular brand name, certain diameter? I think the parts store said they could get a dynomax in two different sizes. Would I be better to go larger or smaller for any particular reason?
I really want to nail this I'm pretty excited to get my car back from the shop. Yeah I guess I didn't mention that.
I'm biting what I hope is the last big bullet for a while. The car is on a hoist as I write this. They've got the transmission out hoping to get rid of that damn noise. And the other thing is doing something about the exhaust. So this is all happening now. They are working on it in between other jobs so there's not a big rush or anything they figure they'll have it at least a week. But hopefully when I get this thing out of the shop it's going to sound great and the last of my major annoyances with the car will be gone. I just need to find the mufflers I want.

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I have the stinger 3" single exhaust with the Dynomax Ultra-Flo as well and its pretty tame sounding to me and doesn't drone 

(I'm also not running a cat so it's probably a bit louder than yours)

If you really want something quieter you could run a Super Turbo muffler, I had them on my car before the new exhaust and they were too quiet for me but they had a nice tone at idle
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  • Aeromotive Adjustable FPR
  • AEM Cone Filter in the fender
  • Hallman boost controller
  • Pimp V1.4 (not installed yet)

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I also do not have the cat, so we should be practically in the same boat. I guess everyones idea of what sounds good is different.
Im looking forward to MUCH quieter.

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