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I am looking for A few pieces of moulding. Does anyone know if there is anywhere I can get the Black & Red front bumper rub strip and the passenger rear 1/4 panel strip. goldenbird

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There obsolete. They can be refinished. The red stripe can be redone using tape
Pete Dunham


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Golden bird, I may have what you want. Let me check what I have laying around. I may only have the front fender trim.

As far as the bumper trim, it is part of the bumper itself.
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Golden Bird Offline
I am looking for anyone that has NEW mouldings sitting around. goldenbird

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Quote:Originally posted by Golden Bird:
I am looking for anyone that has NEW mouldings sitting around. goldenbird
My guess is you will be in for a long search. Used ones can be refinished to look like new.
Jeff Korn

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Golden Bird,
I bought some red striping- new from Aerobird Motorsports. He sold out to someone earlier this year. I know Mike has some more red striping he had manufactured for TCs. Does anyone know who bought AeroBird, so Golden Bird can get what he needs? -Kent
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I have lots of side molding in real good shape.. i pulled off 2 88TC's with less than 100k miles
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