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Motorsport B lowering springs in rear
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I found a set of Motorsport lowering springs. They are B springs part#(rear) E5SC-5560-AA. Will they dump the rear to low in a 86 TC? I have an extra set of HR Turbo Coupe specific lowering springs for the front, which will drop the TC 1.5" up front.

Will these work for the rear or cause a squat?

I was thinking about using them on my black car.

The way Black car sits now..
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Very nice.
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I would say the B springs will lower the rear too much. Aren't they suppose to lower Mustangs 1/2"-3/4" or something ?
I have stock height 94-04 GT rear springs and it sits a tad bit lower than my front C-Motorsports springs. The "C" springs are basically the same as the "B" Springs but with a higher rate if I remember correct.
My front is as low as you want to go. I can't turn sharp at all as it is. It scrapes pretty bad. I had to take off the front lower spoiler just to get into my driveway.
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