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Motorsport adjustable cam gear????
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Ok, who has directions for one of these? I just found one on the 83TC and wonder how the hell you read it?

Needless to say, its coming off and going on the GT.
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The good news: I have one. The bad news is:It's still in the box. Here is the way I think it works. Note the indicator marks on the very outer circumfernce, just like the regular sprocket except there is more than one. Just inside of the belt teeth are designations like "2R", "4R" (for retard) and "2A", "4A" ect (for advance). Now go to the center of the sprocket and note the channels cut in it and the same designations as the outer circumference 2R, 4R..., 2A, 4A....
Now the fun part; decide where you want to run you cam - retarded or advanced and by how many degrees. Lets use 4* advanced as the example. Before removing the stock cam sprocket, get everything to TDC, just like if you were putting on a new belt. Loosen/remove the belt and remove the stock cam sprocket. Find the grove in the center of the adj. sprocket marked 4A (4* advanced). Slide the new sprocket on the post such that the 4A grove slides over the alignment pin and install the bolt. Now find the 4A mark on the outer circumfence and turn the cam so that mark lines up with the middle mark on the back cam cover. The cam is now set to 4* advance. Put the belt on without moving anything and your good to go.

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