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MotorCraft Spark Plugs
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Is the current consensus still using Motorcraft spark plugs?

I tried my local dealer, and he doesn't have a part number anymore for the TC. He says the computer tells him it was superceded by another part number, but no _new_ part number is listed....

So, what to do?
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go to use the 5% discount
or to
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Autolite 764 is what you need. You can get them at Walmart for like $1.97 each.
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Autolite 764 copper or Motorcraft AWSF32-C or NKG # 2238
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I use NGK # tr5

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Motorcraft AGSF32C. I just put a set in my 87 TC. The car had developed a hard miss about 2500 RPM. New plugs cured this. It also got rid of my rough running at start up. I did not think the plugs caused the skipping at start up, but they did. I had 17000 miles on the plugs, which I didn’t think was that much. I was surprised to read in the owner’s manual that the plugs should be changed every 15000 miles. I now realize how critical plugs are in a turbocharged engine.
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Quote:Originally posted by John R:
I use NGK # tr5
I also use these, and they work great. The TR5 part number isnt valid any more (I have been told), they now go by NGK 2238.
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is there much of a difference between the Autolite 764 copper or Motorcraft AWSF32-C, i have the motorcrafts that came with the forced ford tune up kit.
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Quote:Originally posted by Jeff K:
Quote:Originally posted by John R:
[b] I use NGK # tr5
I also use these, and they work great. The TR5 part number isnt valid any more (I have been told), they now go by NGK 2238. [/b]
It depends on the dealer/retailer. Both numbers are still valid, TR5 is the "part number" and 2238 is the "stock number".
It's similar to what Champion does with their numbering system, Champion "part number" RS14YC is also "stock number" 408.

It used to be that the parts stores always went by the plug "part number" but today the simpler & easier to enter "stock number" is being used more often.

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Will Autolite 765's work?

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