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Motor swap is almost done!!!!!!
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Ok, other then one screw up I am almost done with my motor swap in my 87. I smoked the motor so I thought I would throw some cooler parts at it.

As it sits now, I have a T3 with a super 60 wheel, Motorsport cam gear, A237 roller cam, Blow master cat back , Gutted intake and a ported E6. I also replaced every belt hose and hose clamp with all new pieces including the tensioner. The A237 is set at -2.

The only think I still have to do is reclock the compressor housing a little more. I guess I did not turn it far enough. The intercooler is a tight fit up against the throttle body , so there is no way I could fit a hose on there. The turbo I used was from an 86 SVO , but it had a flange welded on to it. I cut the flange off rather than replace the housing because the SVO style has the VAM hose at the correct angle.

The only surprize I had was teh exhaust flange. I had heard that they needed notch for the T3 bolts to clear , but I did not expect to have to notch them inwards!

All I have to do is play with the angle of teh compressor , make sure the exhaust is tight and fill the fluids! I cant wait to see how it runs now [Image: smile.gif]

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