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I have found a '86 Mercur 2.3 litre turbo -without the turbo. Can I drop this in and use my existing turbo? Engine has 120,000 km on it or 70,000 miles.


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88 TC auto silver full load/sunroof 147K K&N cone filter, Gillis valve set at 17 lbs. This thing looks cool but is dog compared to my 87 5sp that now has motor out and is being rebuilt.(slowly)May make one killer car from these two yet.
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Yes, you can. You will need to use your valve cover and upper intake too. Your intercooler setup requires the shorter upper intake that is on your 87 TC. The dip in your valve cover allows for the shorter intake. I would also just remove the entire exhaust manifold/turbo off your car and install it on the other engine.

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Basically yes. You will have to use your current: intakes, valve cover, coolant supply and return lines, oil return line and maybe your current oil supply line. It will be easier to pull the turbo and your current exhaust manifold as a unit, then drop it back in as a unit. I think you will have to take the coolant return line fitting in your current block and put it in the new block.
The Merkur MAY?? have a different oil filter attachment point on it, not sure. you may have to put your oil cooler on it. Maybe somebody else can clarify this.

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